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Whether as a part of the divorce or a separate paternity matter, child custody battles are often both the most contentious and the most important for your family. They are often anything but smooth, but they also offer you the opportunity to define your child custody rights and responsibilities. You can trust Seufert Law, LLC to fight hard on your behalf for your child custody case, and work hard to strike a deal that’s affordable and good for your children in your child support case.

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Learn more about the two types of child custody cases

Learn more about the two types of child custody cases

In Wisconsin, there are two main types of child custody cases:

1. Initial determination – during a standard child custody case, Attorney Seufert will walk you through the process from start to finish. He will go over your legal custody options, the possible physical placement (allocation of time) scenarios, and the financial responsibilities that each parent is expected to assume (for example, payment of child support, contribution toward variable costs and health insurance, and allocation of tax benefits).

2. Post-judgment litigation – In many cases, after the initial determination/final judgment is entered, there is a need to return to court to modify the court order with respect to legal custody, physical placement, or child support. If there has been a substantial change of circumstances from the previous court order, the court will examine the family situation to determine whether a change is in the best interest of the child. The Court can modify child custody and child support orders up until a child is emancipated.

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