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My husband and I were recommended to Geoff by our UCCJEA Attorney. Geoff worked alongside the UCCJEA Attorney and out out of state attorney on a multiple state custody battle and did a fabulous job. He was always very professional and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Geoff for representation and I will not hesitate to utilize his services again.


I was recommended to Geoff by a friend. He guided me through a fairly lengthy paternity/custody case, explaining each step and process fully. He worked with my odd work schedule, was diligent on every detail, and answered every question or issue that came up. A pleasure to work with, and if anything were to arise in the future, I have no hesitation returning or recommending him.


I originally retained Geoff for paternity and placement representation in a matter involving my infant daughter and a non-marital situation back in Nov 2011. Geoff was very knowledgeable in the various avenues and options I was able to pursue. And even though I was determined to have what I believed to be fair, Geoff’s strategy and wisdom proved to be the better course of action. With a calm demeanor and non-aggressive approach, he never gave into the opposing lawyers games and held fast to what he believed was the right course for me and my daughter. Considering that the “other” lawyer was “senior” in experience, Geoff proved to be 100% more professional in communication, professionalism and knowledge of his field. Looking back, I’m glad that it was Geoff who I chose to represent my daughters and my interests in solidifying our relationship and fair placement given the various circumstances I was facing. His legal assistant Trinette Hernandez proved to be a very valuable asset as well in terms of legal administrative knowledge and support. I would highly recommend Geoff and his top-notch professional skills in family law, child custody and placement.


Geoff is a very polished professional who I hired to represent me in a divorce case that became complicated. Through Geoff’s knowledge of law and experience in the court system, he was able to guide me through a difficult and confusing situation. He was respectful of me at all times, and to all involved in the case. He worked hard to ensure I was treated fairly from the beginning to the end.


Geoff helped me through my divorce. He was focused, driven, and pushed to resolved my case quickly. He helped me keep my emotions out of my decision making, and his explanations helped me make the best decisions for dividing assets. My ex is self-employed and has questionable business/accounting practices. Geoff proposed a creative solution for calculating child support in the settlement, resulting in financial security for me and my children.


I am grateful to Geoff for guiding me through a very painful and complicated divorce. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in family law, he was also skilled in patiently educating an individual with no legal background. He communicated with me regularly, responding to my inquiries quickly and thoroughly. He made sure I completely understood every legal decision to be made as well as what to expect in advance of court appearances. When the emotional toll of the divorce led me to lose sight of my own best interests, Geoff made certain that we pursued a reasonable and fair outcome. Although he exhausted all options in working towards a resolution, he never compromised to my detriment. In the courtroom he conducted himself with confidence and finesse, always thoroughly prepared and ready to adovcate on my behalf. He remained calm and composed, never did he succumb to intimidation or hostility. At times the divorce process left me feeling exposed and vulnerable; however, Geoff always treated me with compassion and respect. It is this preservation of my dignity that has meant the most.


I retained Geoff when I was faced with a surprise divorce. Geoff was top notch at handling everything for me, as well as carrying me when I lost my father in the middle of the divorce! In my opinion (and luck) My ex hired a butter knife while Geoff is a samurai and a Jedi ‘Master. If you find yourself in that ugly and unfortunate situation and you don’t retain Geoff there is something very wrong with you. With Geoff you can rest your head at night knowing you have the best!!!!!!!

You probably have no idea who I am but trust me that I would not waste my time writing this if I didn’t believe it.


When I first met Geoff Seufert, I knew nothing about the divorce process. We covered a lot of information during my initial consultation. I learned about options I had never heard of. As I worked with Geoff, I really appreciated his honest, thorough and thoughtful approach. My questions (I had many) were always clearly answered and he always reviewed various options with me throughout the process. Geoff was good at keeping the divorce moving forward. When we got ‘stuck’, we used different methods and were able to make progress and keep the divorce civil. His guidance helped me get to a point where I was knowledgeable and comfortable enough to make my final divorce decisions. Getting divorced was hard. It really helped knowing I could count on Geoff’s knowledge and experience throughout that process. I fully recommend Geoff Seufert if you are in need of a family law attorney.


Geoff is an outstanding young attorney. He handled my very difficult divorce case from April 2013 to April 2014. The case took only one year, due in part to Geoff’s ability to navigate the case and work constructively with opposing counsel and a court appointed mediator. The case involved addiction in my spouse which required a formal income assessment prior to the mediation.

All of the communication between Geoff and me was extremely efficient. Jeff uses face-to-face meetings, phone calls, emails, and texts in his communications. This was extremely important to me as my day to day work does not allow for many long sit down meetings.

Geoff’s demeanor and command of the hearings with Court Commissioners and the Judge were also superior. He was comfortable, and when necessary courageous and direct, in his statements and questions.

I highly recommend Geoff to anyone seeking a bright, strong, successful, accomplished attorney in any Family Court or Divorce case. But especially think he is head and shoulders above other attorney’s where efficient communication and cost management are important


I retained Geoff after being served with divorce papers in July 2014. Geoff has done an excellent job of guiding me through the divorce process, which for me involved a myriad of complicating factors. There were a few times when I wanted to extract revenge on my wife through the legal process in response to something she had done, but Geoff calmly talked me down and explained why that would not be productive. After my divorce was finalized in January 2015, I began reading books on co-parenting after divorce and came to understand that the manner in which the parents interact plays a huge role in how well the kids adjust to their new situation. I now understand that the approach that Geoff took (i.e., not trying to antagonize the other parent through the legal process) is the best approach for setting the stage for co-parenting after the divorce is final.

In regards to the financial settlement in the divorce, Geoff first explained what the legal guidelines were so I could calibrate my expectations. Then, with that framework established, he made sure he understood what was important for me and was able to negotiate a reasonable settlement, even when it initially appeared that my wife’s attorney was not being reasonable. Ultimately, I am very happy with the service Geoff has provided.


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