Divorce Mediation Service in Waukesha County

When you’re going through a contentious divorce or child custody case, you could benefit from an objective third-party mediator. Seufert Law, LLC offers mediation services in Waukesha, WI and the surrounding area for families going through sticky legal situations but want to find their own solution to their problems, rather than asking the court to intervene. Attorney Seufert offers a neutral ear and doesn’t represent either party in these cases. Instead, his focus is on understanding the problems and goals of each party, helping both parties to develop options, and then assisting both parties together to find a solution that solves the problems and meets both parties' goals. Attorney Seufert uses his knowledge and familiarity with the law and the courts to help parties to avoid litigation and work together to find their own creative solutions.

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 3 reasons to hire a mediator for your family law case

3 reasons to hire a mediator for your family law case

Do you think a hiring a mediator sounds like an unnecessary expense? For some families, it might be. For others, it’s the reason they are able to finally come to an agreement. Here are three reasons our firm suggests looking into to Attorney Seufert’s divorce mediation services in Waukesha, Wisconsin:

1. Mediation is typically less expensive than hiring a lawyer, especially if both parties split the cost.

2. Mediation provides certainty. When you reach an agreement that you and your spouse can live with, the know what the outcome will be.

3. Mediation promotes creativity and gives you the flexibility to tailor a solution to meet your specific needs, rather than the cookie-cutter approach that a judge might use.

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